Ferula gummosa Boiss (Asafoetida)


The suppression effect of Ferula gummosa Boiss (Asafoetida) extracts on cell proliferation through apoptosis induction in gastric cancer cell line
Gharaei R, Akrami H, Heidari S, et al. European Journal of Integrative Medicine. 04 February 2013.
Ferula gummosa Boiss. (Barije) is an Iranian endemic plant growing in the northern mountainous regions. The gum extracted from the aerial parts of the plant has been traditionally used in the treatment of wounds, stomach pain and chorea. For the first time, anti-proliferative activity and apoptosis inducing effects of ethanol extracts of the F. gummosa Boiss. leaf and flower were examined.
The ethanol extracts were examined for their anti-proliferative and apoptosis inducing activity in human gastric cancer cell line, AGS, using the concentrations from 10 to 70μg/mL. The anti-proliferative activity was analyzed by Neutral red and Trypan blue exclusion assays. Then apoptosis inducing effect was evaluated using DNA fragmentation test, Annexin-V colorimetric and flow cytometry assays.
F. gummosa Boiss. extracts inhibited the cell proliferation of AGS cell line in a dose-dependent manner with an IC50 of 37.47μg/mL for flower and 32.99μg/mL for leaf extracts. F. gummosa Boiss. extracts also induced apoptosis as shown by analysis of DNA fragmentation and plasma membrane translocation of phosphatidyl serine.
F. gummosa Boiss. extracts exerted anti-proliferative as well as apoptosis induction effect in gastric cancer cell line. Further studies are needed for elucidation of the biochemical performance details and biological activity of the extracts and its active fractions.

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