Glycyrrhiza uralensis


Comparison in Anti-proliferation Effects of Active Components from Glycyrrhiza uralensis on Four Kinds of Human Cancer Cells
Anti-proliferation effect of glycyrrhizhin and total flavones extracted from Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch on four kinds of human cancer cells (cervix tumor cell; Hela, breast tumor cell; Bcap-37, stomach tumor cell; MGC-803 and hepatoma cell; Bel-7404) were studied.
MTT was used to study the anti-proliferation effect,and Hoechst 33258 was used to test the apoptosis-inducing effect on tumor cells.
It showed that anti-proliferation effect of glycyrrhizin was concentration dependent,higher concentration of glycyrrhizin (1000μg/ml) had obvious anti-tumor effect,within certain concentration of(200~1000μg/ml),inhibitory effect of total flavones was also concentration dependent, the lower concentration (200μg/ml) was of the highest inhibitory effect, its inhibiting rates on Bcap-37, Hela, Bel-7404, MGC-803 were 79.55%, 79.98%, 67.91% and 37.86% respectively.
Both glycyrrhizin and total flavones have stronger apoptosis-inducing effects on the four kinds of tumor cells.
Ma M, Zhou X-l, Hu Y-l, et al. LISHIZHEN MEDICINE AND Materia MEDICA RESEARCH 2008-01. DOI: CNKI:SUN:SZGY.0.2008-01-006

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